Марафон ИТ-соревнований 2021

Coiled Tubing Simulator

Coiled tubing simulator (CT simulator) «RN-VECTOR» is an industrial software for mathematical modeling and analysis of CT technological operations.



Coiled tubing is used in oil and gas wells to perform a variety of technological operations: borehole flushing and bottomhole normalization, inflow induction and well development, milling of restrictions to restore the flow area, fishing operations, installation and drilling of cement bridges and packer plugs, acid treatments, geophysical surveys , hydro-sandblasting perforation and others.
Coiled tubing simulator is used in oil and gas industry in planning, control and analysis of the CT technology application.


Calculation of CT load and buckling criteria
Accounting for the hydraulics influence on the CT stress state
Accounting for the CT critical stress state conditions
Calculation of multiphase hydraulics and solids transport
Calculation of CT metal fatigue wear
Visual representation and editing of all the equipment input parameters and the RIH/POOH plan


  • Calculation of unsteady flow hydraulics

  • Taking into account the temperature effects influence on CT

  • Accounting for the reservoir inflow or fluid loss

  • Calculation of hydraulic characteristics for attachable equipment

  • Calculation of the optimal wellbore flushing mode