Hydrogeology Project Management

The software for hydrogeological processes support, designed to apply an integrated approach to groundwater resource management during development and exploitation.

The software is available in Windows versionInformation on the software price and purchase conditions will be provided upon request
РН-АКВА - Hydrogeology Project Management



Comprehensive solution for project management and design in hydrogeology
Processing of experimental filtration studies
Creation and maintenance of hydrogeology databases
Hydrodynamic modeling of aquifers
Hydrogeochemical calculations
Groundwater resources assessment
Hydrogeological knowledge base
Automated generation of design and reporting documentation in accordance with the requirements of government agencies


  • Development of a data analytics module to solve the tasks of monitoring the operation of associated water areas and groundwater resource development, as well as the tasks of local monitoring

  • Electronic system for work monitoring

  • Calculating sanitary control zones of water intakes, accounting for filtration rates and natural groundwater flow

  • Combined method for calculating groundwater reserves (accounting for the analysis of operating experience)

  • Research/monitoring program creation and analysis of its implementation