Well design and construction

System of engineering calculations for design, construction and reconstruction of wells.

Software versions for Windows and Linux are availableInformation on the software price and purchase conditions will be provided upon request
RN-DRILLING CALCULATIONS - Well design and construction

Software feature set

Well Explorer

Well Explorer

represents a hierarchical data tree:

  • Company
  • Field
  • Well pad
  • Well
  • Wellbore
  • Plan
  • Actual
  • Variant

Each level of the hierarchy provides the following features:

  • Adding and removing elements according to the hierarchy
  • The settings specific to each level Importing arbitrary files for each element of the tree
Editor of drilling targets

Editor of drilling targets

  • Each target can be shaped according to a given location in local, cartographic or geographic coordinates
  • Targets can be displayed from the side, from above or in 3D
  • Import and export of targets to a text file is supported
Editor of well slots

Editor of well slots

  • Allows setting the slot location on the well pad
  • The slot pad can be displayed in 2D or 3D
  • Viewing well binding to slots is available
Well profile design

Well profile design


  • Wellbore profile calculation using 2D and 3D methods
  • Visualization of the well trajectory and auxiliary graphs
  • Interpolation of trajectory parameters from various input data
  • Report export
Anti-collision analysis

Anti-collision analysis

includes the following charts:

  • 3D approximation graph
  • Cross-like chart
  • Moving cylinder chart
  • Step chart
  • Divergence graph

The analysis results are presented in the following tables:

  • Analysis results
  • Analysis results in the point
  • Report on the minimum distance between ellipses
  • Report on the divergence factor
T&D calculation

T&D calculation


  • Soft-string model
  • Accounting for buckling
  • Accounting for viscous friction of the drilling mud

The results are presented as graphs:

  • Effective force
  • Stress
  • Hook load
  • Moment
  • Fatigue
  • Torque angle
  • BHA sag
Calculation of hydraulics

Calculation of hydraulics


  • A single-phase incompressible fluid flow
  • Solids transport in the annulus

The results are presented as graphs:

  • Circulation pressure
  • Flow velocity
  • Slurry density
  • Concentration of cuttings
  • Cuttings bed height
  • Fluid outflow from the nozzle
  • Critical pump flow rate
  • Flow regime
  • Bottomhole pressure
  • Hydrostatic gradient
Casing cementing

Casing cementing


  • Cementing modeling
  • Hook load calculation during cementing, casing centralization, centralizer location, casing running
  • Accounting for ambient temperature, reservoir, temperature calculation along the wellbore

The results are presented as graphs:

  • Animation of cement pumping
  • Flow rate comparison (volume, time, run)
  • Wellbore pressure (volume, time, run)
  • Reservoir zone (volume, time, run)
  • Hydraulic fracturing zone (volume, time, run)
  • Density
  • Erodibility
  • Voidage replacement ratio
  • Casing stretch
  • Hook load
Geodetic calculator

Geodetic calculator

allows setting the coordinates of a point in:

  • Geographic coordinates
  • Cartographic coordinates
  • Local coordinates (relative to the given well pad)

As a result:

  • Automatic recalculation to other systems
  • The entered coordinates are displayed on the right of the map
  • Automatic calculation of meridian convergence and scale factor
LCM calculator

LCM calculator


  • Selection of target line construction method: ideal packing, Vickers method, manual input of the target line, fracture width calculation
  • Entering rock properties
  • Setting drilling fluid properties and LCM composition information
  • Selection of LCM from the database to enter the slurry composition
  • Optimization of the slurry component proportions
  • Displaying graphs for slurries and their components
  • Report export


  • 3D modeling of mud-to-cement conversion

  • Casing calculation for excess pressure (internal, external)

  • Casing flotation

  • Accounting for rheological properties of mud at different temperatures

  • The algorithm for raw data quality control of MWD accelerometers and magnetometers

  • SCC

  • MSA