Real-Time Geosteering

RN-HORIZON + provides a full set of tools for horizontal well control during drilling with the aim of its optimal placement in the target zone.

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RN-HORIZON+ - Real-Time Geosteering

What's New

We continually improve and add features to RN-HORIZON+.

Version 3.0

Version 3.0


  • A new subsystem of systematized project data storage and a new project format.
  • The interface in the report generating module has been completely redesigned, a spell checker is added into the text fields.
  • A new interface in the geotechnical survey loader, now it is possible to select geotechnical survey data to download.
  • Now the structural surface attached to markers can be submitted to correlaiton.
  • Multiple collections of templates can now be created.
  • Recognition of image channels mnemonics recorded by domestic logging tools .
  • Completion element log has been added (separate from event log).
Version 2020.1.5

Version 2020.1.5

We added:

  • Layer intersection points into top view.
  • Displaying the points of trajectories intersected with a structure surface into top view.
  • Point captions from the event log into top view.
  • Quick logging setting with a mouse click into the geosteering window.
  • Interactive curve scale control on logging tracks by rotating the mouse wheel directly in the area of one or several curves scale.
  • Automatic opening of the drilling strategy window when importing a project.
Version 2020.1.4

Version 2020.1.4

New improvements:

  • Trajectory export with the ability to interpolate it with a set step.
  • In the tool for clipping unnecessary areas of the structure surface, by default, the boundaries of the area visible on the map are set.
Version 2020.1.3

Version 2020.1.3

We added:

  • A new tool for interactive trajectory planning on the reservoir section, taking into account DLS constraint.
  • Gas logging visualization in the form of a graph with accumulation and the possibility of mirroring.
  • Displaying notes at arbitrary points laterally with the ability to adjust the font size, text color and fill.


  • We implemented calculation of interpreted geotechnical survey interval length and defect length.
  • Now it is possible to clip continuous intervals of incorrect or missing measurements at the beginning and/or at the end of the well logging curve when importing.
Version 2020.1.2

Version 2020.1.2

New improvements:

  • The system of important tooltips. For example, if the altitudes of the actual and planned trajectories are different, a warning will be displayed.
  • Adjusted extended signaling of various WITSML events in the data stream.
  • The geosteering window top view now always displays the actual well altitude.
  • The top view now displays various points from the event log.
  • In the correlation window it is now possible to add a set of frequently used markers with a predefined style.
  • Now it is possible to automatically add zero measurement into the trajectory during import.
Version 2020.1.1

Version 2020.1.1

We added:

  • A new tool for interactive placement of well completion elements in the geosteering and geocorrelation windows.
  • Displaying levels on maps in top view.

Besides, when generating a report, a table with deviations of the actual trajectory from the planned one along the entire length is exported.

Version 2020.1

Version 2020.1

New improvements:

  • Quick registration of a new placement by copying a format from an existing one.
  • New color scheme of the program module, it is now possible to change the color scheme manually.
  • Explicit control of the grid and legend order on logging tracks is added.
  • A visual marker for the trajectory end on logging tracks is added.
  • "Cutoff point" element has been added into the event log, which affects the calculation of the penetration along the target interval.
  • Synthetic logging can now automatically be formed in the geosteering window.
  • Isolines can now be created with a set point, besides, the construction of isolines has been accelerated.
Version 2019.4

Version 2019.4

We added:

  • the ability to simulate the layer taking into account many offset wells;
  • a module for getting the first approximation of the layer structure.


  • a 3D visualization module is built in to display well trajectories, logs, markers and surfaces;
  • new settings make report generating faster and easier.
Version 2019.3

Version 2019.3


  • the ability to display any image in the layer section (e.g. the image of a seismic substrate);
  • the azimuthal rotation of the actual well in the direction of the active planned trajectory has been implemented;
  • RN-HORIZON+ now offers a new way of working with wells, focused on the maximum use of the project tree and drag and drop operations.
Version 2019.2

Version 2019.2


  • the ability to configure access to different well data update servers (WITSML, RN-KIN) in one window;
  • background loading data from the RN-KIN database is implemented.


RN-HORIZON+ implements state-of-the-art techniques for rapid importing of initial project data from various sources, building 3D geosteering model, updating this model in real time through WITSML, identifying structural grid angles and predicting drilling direction at any time followed by automagical formatting and sending reports.

Everything you need. In one location.

In one project, you can support several wells at once and store a lot of layer settings, geological correlations, reports, and other components of the geosteering project.

Real-time automatic loading of MWD / LWD data

In RN-HORIZON+ you can receive actual drilling data in real time using the WITSML protocol from one or several servers simultaneously.

Combination of geosteering methods

In addition to the basic model method of geosteering, RN-HORIZON+ implements tools for interpreting images and geotechnical survey data, which significantly help in updating the structural model of the formation.

Multiwell geosteering

RN-HORIZON+ has developed an innovative model method of three-dimensional geosteering, with which layer properties and synthetic well logs models can be built with simultaneous consideration of many reference wells with no need to switch between them.

Interactive Cross-Well Correlation Tool

We have developed a powerful interactive tool for displaying log data, geological markers and the ability to perform geological correlation.

Automated Reporting

RN-HORIZON+ provides ample opportunities for quick report generating and sending.

User Friendly Interface

When creating the interface, we were guided by the opinion of geosteering professionals and their needs, therefore RN-HORIZON+ is simple and convenient to use.


RN-HORIZON+ aims to be at the forefront of high-tech geosteering software.
In the near future new features will be available.

  • Distributed Storage System for Geosteering Projects

    The new project collaboration platform will reduce real-time decision-making time, provide operational monitoring of geosteering, and allow the use of diverse sources of information.

  • Autogeosteering

    A full cycle of geosteering for drilling in automatic mode from the moment of geosteering start to the point of drilling T3 completion.

  • Modeling of the Structural Frame with Faults, including Slant Directional

  • Stratigraphic Method of Geosteering

  • 3D Visualization of Geosteering Models

  • Light Version of RN-HORIZON+ Lite for the Tasks of Operational Project Management