Well Placement of Any Complexity

Geological support for horizontal wells and sidetracks.


What's New

We continually improve and add features to RN-Horizon.


RN-Horizon + provides a full set of tools for well control during drilling with the aim of its optimal placement in the target zone.

The software implements state-of-the-art techniques for rapid importing of initial project data from various sources, building 3D geosteering model, updating this model in real time through WITSML, identifying structural grid angles and predicting drilling direction at any time followed by automagical formatting and sending reports.

Everything you need. In one location.

In one project, you can support several wells at once and store a lot of layer settings, geological correlations, reports, and other components of the geosteering project.

Real-time automatic loading of MWD / LWD data

In RN-Horizon + you can receive actual drilling data in real time using the WITSML protocol from one or several servers simultaneously.

Combination of geosteering methods

In addition to the basic model method of geosteering, RN-Horizon + implements tools for interpreting images and geotechnical survey data, which significantly help in updating the structural model of the formation.

Multiwell geosteering

RN-Horizon + has developed an innovative model method of three-dimensional geosteering, with which layer properties and synthetic well logs models can be built with simultaneous consideration of many reference wells with no need to switch between them.

Interactive Cross-Well Correlation Tool

We have developed a powerful interactive tool for displaying log data, geological markers and the ability to perform geological correlation.

Automated Reporting

RN-Horizon + provides ample opportunities for quick report generating and sending.

User Friendly Interface

When creating the interface, we were guided by the opinion of geosteering professionals and their needs, therefore RN-Horizont + is simple and convenient to use.

Task Samples


Simple Project Setup

Due to an intelligent source data loader that recognizes most of the data formats used (DEV, LAS, XLS (X), TXT and others), you can quickly set up a project and start directly with geosteering.


Interactive Well Correlation Tool


RN-Horizon + aims to be at the forefront of high-tech geosteering software.
In the nearest future new features will be available.

  • Distributed Storage System for Geosteering Projects

    The new project collaboration platform will reduce real-time decision-making time, provide operational monitoring of geosteering, and allow the use of diverse sources of information.

  • Autogeosteering

    A full cycle of geosteering for drilling in automatic mode from the moment of geosteering start to the point of drilling T3 completion.

  • Algorithms for 3D Modeling of Layer

    Wedging modeling.

  • Modeling of the Structural Frame with Faults, including Slant Directional

  • Stratigraphic Method of Geosteering

  • 3D Visualization of Geosteering Models

  • Light Version of RN-HORIZON + Lite for the Tasks of Operational Project Management