RN-Technologies, LLC

Limited Liability Company "RN-Technologies" (TIN 7736341517) is a developer of high-tech software for the oil and gas industry.

RN-Technologies implements high-tech projects at the intersection of science, oil and gas core industries and information technology on the crucial strategic challenges of the Russian fuel and energy complex.

In addition to development, RN-Technologies is engaged in the commercialization and warranty service of Rosneft Oil Company software products in order to achieve complete import substitution of upstream software.

"RN-Technologies" is a resident of the Innovation Scientific and Technological Center of Moscow State University "Sparrow Hills" (certificate No. 0000181 dated December 19, 2023) and is located in the Lomonosov educational cluster (Moscow, Ramensky Boulevard, 1), which allows effective cooperation with development centers and top universities of the Russian Federation, involving scientists, independent experts and promising IT graduates.

Rosneft's high-tech software products, one of the developers of which is RN-Technologies, are presented on the main page https://rn.digital/, as well as in the "Solutions" and "Plans" sections.

Programming languages (the main libraries): C++ (std, Qt, OpenMP, MPI), C#, Python (NumPy, SciPy, PySide2, H5py, pandas, PyQtGraph), Rust, Nvidia Cuda

Compilers and development environments: GCC, MSVC, LLVM, Intel

Development process management and support systems: git, GitLab, YouTrack, Jenkins

Technologies used: Redis, NodeJS, RabbitMQ, Nginx, OpenSSH

e-mail: rn-technologies@rosneft.ru