is designed to solve relevant production tasks in the field of interpretation of data from geophysical well surveys and core samples research. The release of the commercial version of the product is expected in mid-2022.



RN-PETROLOG development concept takes into account current trends and promising areas in the field of high technology for the interpretation of geophysical well surveys.

Work with large petrophysical objects (more than 1000 wells)
Interpretation of complex facilities
Multi-well data processing
Support for modern domestic equipment
Repeatability and workflow data management
Multidimensional statistical data analysis and machine learning methods for interpretation tasks
Algorithm for interval selection of interpretation models
Unified library of petrophysical models
Ability to process large amounts of data
Unified database and multi-user mode of project work
Integration with other software products line


RN-PETROLOG full version will be available in 2022 with the following functions:

  • Adaptive data loaders

  • Comprehensive interpretation of core and GIS data (including special GIS)

  • Automated multi-well data processing and interpretation technologies

  • GIS interpretation in horizontal wells and thin-layered sections

  • GIS Special Processing Tools

  • Unified cyberspace for multi-user work on a petrophysical project

  • Adaptive Petrophysical Models